We have a number of ways to bid with us, Absentee bidding, Autobids, Phone bidding, and Live Online bidding. We also have Timed Auctions and they are slightly different to Live bidding. First, create an account with our auction. This account will allow you to view your bids, create watch lists of items you are looking for, and your lot history across all of our auctions.
  • You can submit an absentee bid on each lot and the auctioneer will bid on your behalf.
  • You can also leave an autobid where the computer bids for you.
  • We also have limited phone bidding available for items valued over €500.
Timed Auction Info
  • Timed auctions are automatic and take place only online from a set starting time and closing time, usually about a week.
  • During this time of open bidding, you will be able to see the current winning bid on each lot.
  • You may place a higher maximum bid of your choice and the bidding will automatically increase by the next increment.
  • If your maximum bid is several increments than the current bid, the bidding will still only increase by one increment until there is a competing bid, then the system will move up one increment higher in your favour, this will continue until your maximum amount is outbid.
  • This system is run by Easy Live Auctions (even on our website) and designed to give the buyer the best chance of winning their desired lot at the most competitive price. As such, the system will not jump to the maximum bid unless there is a competing bid just below it.
  • Bidders are automatically informed by email if they are the current winning bidder or if they have been outbid by a competing bidder. If you have been outbid and the auction is still open, you are free to leave a higher bid.
  • At the end of the bidding period, if the highest bid offered meets the minimum price assigned by the Auctioneer (such as any reserve prices), the lot is sold.
  • At the end of the auction, the closing time is staggered, with bidding for lot 1 ending at 2pm and each subsequent lot closing 30 seconds after the previous lot. To avoid bid sniping, last second bids will extend the closing time of the lot by another 5 minutes.
Please be aware that there is 20% auction fees on all items purchased, and autobids and online live bids are subject to an additional 3.69% fee. For full Terms and Conditions, read here. You can also bid live on Easyliveauction.com. Here’s our Quick and Easy guide to live online bidding registration for Easy Live Auction.
  1. Enter www.easyliveauction.com
  2. Click “Create Account” at the top right
  3. Enter your email and a password to create your account
  4. You will receive an email to verify that your email is correct, click the link in the email to confirm the account
  5. Find the auctioneer, click Auctioneers. This will take you to the directory. On the left side, you can find them by country, click “Ireland”
  6. Click on auctions for “City Auction Rooms”
  7. Click “Register to Bid” on the right side of the page
  8. Add name, address, phone, card details to account details
  9. Sign-up complete!
  If you have registered with Easy Live Auction before, you only need to click “Connect to Auction” on our page here.  Please note that when registering on EasyLiveAuctions Live Bidding there is two options for registration. An additional 3% commission charge + VAT at the rate imposed on the hammer price if ‘Premium’ is selected or £3 if the ‘Flat Fee’ option has been chosen at registration. The Flat Fee option is not available for Timed Auctions.